The Lengths 5 Coming SoonEddie, what are you running from?

The last few months have been insane for me. The Lengths has found its way into Out There and Attitude Magazines, it’s now in a load of new shops, I’ve spent some quite healthy time away from London in Sweden and on the Isle of Wight, I’ve met a new love and I’ve suffered the horrible grief of the death of my last boyfriend at Christmas. Against the backdrop of all of this, the fifth issue of The Lengths has been taking shape, with a back-to-basics approach of paper and pen dominating the drawing technique for this issue to reflect what’s going on for Eddie as his double life’s continuing to fall apart.

You can pick up The Lengths 1-4 from your local UK comics shop, from Prowler in Soho, Gay’s The Word in Bloomsbury, Gosh! in London or online.