As you’ve probably seen, the price of a stamp is set to rise by a third from the end of April. At the moment, I’ve been able to under-price a lot of the postage and packaging on my comics by buying envelopes in bulk, but the prices of stamps are set to rise by a third and the prices of envelopes are also rising, even on bulk orders, now the VAT drop has disappeared. Rising paper costs are also hitting the printing costs to make the comics themselves.

As a result, the cover price for issues 6-8 and prices on postage for my comics will, unfortunately, need to rise in line with these increases in cost, so issues 6-8 will be £3 a copy, as issue 1 was before I was able to get the cost price down. I’m really sorry that I can’t keep the price that low, but it’s still cheaper than most mainstream comics and The Lengths carries no adverts, so you get a comic that’s full of story. As always, it will remain cheaper to buy several things at once and I’ll keep the postage costs to the minimum, but when I make a very slim return on the cover price of each comic, I’m very sad to say I can’t protect customers from the price rises I’m facing.

What I would suggest, though, is getting your orders in before the price rises hit, or getting them in person from your local comic shop if you’re in the UK. You’ll also be able to see me at Comiket, Kapow!, London MCM Expo, MCM Manchester and Leeds Thought Bubble this year.

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