It’s been a very exciting couple of months for me, particularly in terms of coverage. First off, there was the wonderful piece in Out There magazine, then Attitude and Gay Times both picked up on The Lengths and I’ve had lovely things said about the comic over on Broken Frontier and Forbidden Planet’s blog as well.

The Peckham Invalids has just been featured on BBC2′s See Hear, with a very generous amount of time given to the comic, especially considering that it’s something we’re still working out how we’re doing it and how it looks and feels to each of us.

You can see a little preview of an interview with me here, or the programme is available on iPlayer for a little while if you’re in the UK.

The Broken Frontier piece on The Lengths is lovely:

“Without the teensiest, tiniest doubt The Lengths is a comic that deserves similar attention. Its layered narrative, with those revelatory chronological shifts back and forth, and intense, multi-faceted characterisation mark it out as one of the most unique and thought-provoking comics – small press or otherwise – out there at the moment.”

It’s quite wonderful to have that kind of thing to live up to in the last three issues!

You can pick up all my things over on my web shop and The Lengths should be in your local comic shop – if it isn’t, have a word with them!

So, yes, lots to live up to in the next few months and lots of what-next planning to do!