Oh, London.

Next month, I’m going to be moving away from London, which is going to be a strange change for me – leaving behind the city that’s been home for most of my life, apart from brief sojourns in Norwich and Leeds, and the place that’s been home throughout my adulthood. It’s also the places where all of the most adult stuff has happened, too. It seems apt that the move comes as I finish The Lengths. The last two issues are feeling more and more like a love letter to the capital.

I’m going to have an action-packed final month of living in London, despite having managed to slip a variable number of discs in my back (seems to be 1d4 each time I see a doctor – sorry for going on about it, twitter!), so I’ll be at Kapow in Islington next weekend, where you’ll find me on the mezzanine in Artist’s Alley on table 204. The following weekend, I’ll be at the London MCM Expo, in the comics village.

Then, it’s the Jubilee weekend, so obviously, I’ll be shaking my head forlornly while my boyfriend waves a tiny flag at a canary-coloured woman (who, I admit, was very funny when I met her), then the following weekend, for the 9th of June, I’ll be at the Comic Salon as a guest of Zwerchfell Comics in Erlangen in Germany. It wouldn’t be a goodbye London month without a trip to Germany, would it?

Issue Six will be shipping next week, and to celebrate all of this, and to make moving house (on my birthday weekend, too) a little easier, you can use the very cryptic code LONDON to get 10% off orders from the web shop until the 15th of June. That’ll work for The Lengths, which now runs to 150 pages, Badger’s Diary, The Peckham Invalids (including a new story!), and art sales. Get in!