I always lose weight at Christmas. I think it’s because I actually have the time to walk or cycle places rather than sprint to the station and then rush everywhere. This year, I went out to Malmö to see friends and had the time to walk through the city’s parks and streets and along by the coast and to stand out on the pier at the sauna and watch the black sea, naked, with the stars dancing on the water and I finally had the chance to breathe in what an incredible year it’s been.

There was also the strange silver sheen of grief laced through the nostalgia because someone who was there at the beginning of the year passed away over Christmas and will be very dearly missed.

A year ago, there was only one issue of The Lengths and I was halfway through the MA I was doing at Camberwell. It’s strange to think I’m now working on Issue 5 and that there’s an issue of Attitude magazine with the dogs in it and an interview with me in Out There Magazine and that I’ve been in Solipsistic Pop 4. I’ve been to TCAF, the MCM Expo, Thought Bubble, the Comica Comiket, the Birmingham Zine Fair and loads more events, including helping to organise New Cross Turn Left. I’ve written a new book, Badger’s Diary and I’ve had the privilege of working with Julia Scheele and Sarah Gordon on the pilot issue of The Peckham Invalids that we’re now developing.

Basically, it’s been a phenomenally busy year, and there’s so much coming up that I can’t wait to show you all. Thank you so much for your support and here’s to a fantastic 2012. If it’s the end of everything, let’s make it count – there’s a lot to get done before then!