The Lengths by Howard Hardiman

An edgy look at the world of male gay prostitutes and escorts.The first gay comic of its kind which has achieved international critical acclaim.

What Lengths would you be prepared to go to?
The Lengths Issue One: Weird Hours Available Online

The Lengths Issue One: Weird Hours Available Online

  The first issue of The Lengths is available to view online. If you’re new to The Lengths, it’s the story of a young escort in London getting caught up in knots trying to please everyone and, possibly, forgetting about himself. The series as a whole, currently on issue six of eight, is available in...
Issue 6 Preview

Issue 6 Preview

Issue six, Art History, is coming soon. Eddie has to face the consequences of the choices he’s made and face his demons and himself and answer the painful question: has it been worth the price he’s paid to create the new life he’s leading as Ford? Challenging realisations and surprises await as he looks back...
The Lengths 6: Art History

The Lengths 6: Art History

Given that image, I think it’s safe to assume that issue 6 continues Eddie’s spiral towards the nadir of his story. In some ways, I’d say that issue 6, Art History, is the equivalent to the 11 o’clock number of the series, and I’m really pleased to have reached this point. When this is a...

The Lengths 5: There Is No Hell – Press Release

So, issue five of The Lengths arrived on our doorstep bright and early this morning. For those of you who are new to the story, here’s a copy of the press release Sarah put together a few weeks ago.  

The Lengths Issue 5 Preview

Eddie, what are you running from? The last few months have been insane for me. The Lengths has found its way into Out There and Attitude Magazines, it’s now in a load of new shops, I’ve spent some quite healthy time away from London in Sweden and on the Isle of Wight, I’ve met a...

The Lengths: Issue 4 Preview

Issue 4 of The Lengths is now available to order now from the web shop. Eddie realises that he can’t continue to maintain a double-life as the boyfriend to Dan at the same time as living as the male prostitute, Ford. As he reflects on his first job with Nelson and its consequences for his...

The Lengths: Issue 3 Preview

You can pick up your copy from the web shop or from your local UK comics stockist.      

The Lengths: Issue 2 Preview

Visit the web shop to pick up your copy.          

The Lengths: Issue 1 Preview

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